The 3 Second Condom

Pronto CondomOver the course of time having an advice column, I have answered a lot of questions about condoms and have been told multiple times how a condom can kill the moment while fumbling in the dark looking for the top of the wrapper and incorrectly assuming you were ready to roll the condom down the right way. Some folks complain they take away sensation and time while others talk about the loss of spontanaity when using them…

While wandering about the internet I found the Pronto Condom. Seems I should have some echo’ing in the background, doesn’t it?

Now, all I can say is WOW! Its being released in South Africa first but it seems, according to the website, that the the company has world wide patents with plan to releasing…. the condom – as a product…. what did you think I meant?

One of the major benefits to the Pronto Condom is it is not expected to cost more than a regular condom.

The premise is you crack the package open and then pull the sides out and roll it down over the penis and the tabs pull away at the end. It goes on in 2 swift motions taking less time away from the romantic interlude …

go watch the demo

just amazing!


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