Men and Personality in Regards to Sex…

Men Worry Too

What do all those books say about males personality during sex and later? Why may their personality be different before and after sex from during sex? One minute all sweet and the next down and crabby. M-

Men can be just as complicated as women when it comes to sex and sexual behaviors, only for different reasons. A lot of the personality shifts depends a lot on the relationship and what kind of relationship it is. If a guy is looking for a one night stand, of course he’s gonna be Don Juan till he gets the job done and then it doesn’t matter who he is because he’s gone.

If it is a longterm relationship, such as marriage, the personality change can be in part to stress be it from work or homelife, worry about bills, finances, children, health – In the case of the marriage man, at least his personality shift is because he is thinking about something else rather than wondering how to get out the door without waking the girl in bed. Sure, there can be marital problems that can cause a personality drift but generally their partner is aware or or has an idea of what could be going on.

By resolving marital issues, even if they are about finances, you can spiff up the bedroom life. By alleviating outside stress a person can be more relaxed and free to enjoy themselves in bed without rolling over and wondering about rent.